PLANET IP Camera and Media Converters Participate in Rescue of Miners in Chile
The rescue of the trapped Chilean miners has been achieved finally. Amid the most important moment in the history of rescue, while many countries made all their efforts to provide the state-of-the-art devices to deliver rescue, the PLANET Technology is no exception in the very first beginning.

When these Chilean miners had been trapped for over two weeks since 5 August, and the rescue team found there is a slim chance of survival underground on 22 August, the communication between the rescue team and the trapped miners became the priority. Transworld S.A, partner of the PLANET Technology in Chile, offered the PLANET IP camera (ICA-H312) and media converter (FT-802S15) to help set up video conferences among the rescue team, the family members and the trapped miners to watch their life and health condition. This moment moved the whole world when the initial images were conveyed by the PLANET products. In the dark and humid shaft, the camera has to provide clear images in the darkness (IR LED). Besides, in order to ensure the long-distance and high-quality video conference, a media converter co-worked with the camera to deliver stable and high-resolution networking. By transmitting immediate interactive video and audio through two-way audio system, all the people concerned are encouraged, full of ecstasy and tear. For over one and a half month, these devices had been the medium that conveyed hope, which is vital for the trapped miners to survive, was also injected into them, and to the world.

In this important rescue history, the PLANET technology participated in this tough task in the initial stage by providing the most advanced products to offer rescue, and convey hope of the whole world. PLANET Technology’s appreciation to Transworld S.A. is beyond description for not only providing our solution in the bringing of rescue but also training the rescue team to implement our products in the most difficult environment.