Sustainable Employment

Goals of Sustainable Employment

PLANET Technology treats employees as the core of promoting enterprise growth. The company attracts and cultivates diverse professional talents, continuously enhances the company's R&D capabilities and innovations, and marches towards sustainable development of the enterprise. In the face of manpower shortages in post-COVID-19 period, PLANET has made digital transition and sustainability transition a priority for the company’s sustainable manpower development. The company has set phased goals for the development of its sustainable employment to realize key talent succession. The company will also deepen the corporate sustainability culture, strengthen the organization's attractiveness to talent, and provide more diversified employee well-being and benefits.

Create an Inclusive Workplace Culture

PLANET is committed to creating an inclusive environment where individuals from diverse backgrounds, generations, and genders have equal opportunities to succeed and excel. We prioritize DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) as a fundamental strategy for our sustainable talent development. At PLANET, every employee is treated with fairness and provided with a supportive work environment. We offer a variety of learning programs along with personalized career planning, to foster a culture of continuous improvement within our organization. Together with our team members, we strive to build a bridge of unity and growth, fostering a collaborative and diverse workplace at PLANET.

◾ Diverse and Equal Workplace

At PLANET, we adhere to relevant labor laws and uphold the principles and spirit of international human rights conventions, including the United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Global Compact, the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and the International Labour Organization's Tripartite Declaration of Principles Concerning Multinational Enterprises and Social Policy. We are committed to fulfilling our corporate responsibility to safeguard human rights.

  • We actively promote gender equality and equal opportunities in recruitment, We respect and support LGBTQ.
  • Equal pay for equal work, regardless of gender. We also emphasize equal opportunities for women in career development, including hiring and promotions.
  • We strictly prohibit the use of illegal labor, child labor, or any other labor practices that violate the law.
  • We uphold the rights of employees with disabilities, and as of 2023, they constitute 1.82% of our total workforce.
  • Our company does not discriminate based on religion, race, or political affiliation, and we promote equal employment opportunities, with no incidents of discriminatory hiring.
  • In 2022, middle to older-aged employees comprised 6.7% of the new hires for that year.
  • In 2022, women returning to the workforce for their second career opportunity represented 9.4% of the new hires for that year.

PLANET strives to build a sustainable work environment for our employees and have received recognition from various organizations.

  • The first company in Taiwan to be honored with the "Taiwan Mittelstand Award for Gender Equality" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2015.
  • Acknowledged with the "Taiwan Mittelstand for Workplace Friendliness" by the Ministry of Economic Affairs in 2019.
  • In 2023, PLANET has become a member of the "Talent, in Taiwan" Sustainable Talent Action Alliance.
◾ Sustainable Talent Development and Shared Prosperity

PLANET has established a complete talent cultivation and development mechanism to help employees improve their professional skills and have better career development.

  • Inclusive Learning - Customized and Comprehensive Learning Development
  • The comprehensive learning and development programs are tailor-made for our employees by utilizing internal and external training opportunities. With a combination of offline and online methods, we aim to support our employees' continuous growth and development.

    • Industry Innovation: Internal and external training initiatives to elevate the importance of industry innovation for both employees and the company.
    • Employee Ability: Core professional skills courses and environmental health and safety training.
    • Cultural Inheritance: ESG and sustainability education, succession planning courses, leadership consensus-building workshops, and key talent participation in Board Meetings.
  • Inclusive Learning - Career Development Blueprint
  • Inclusive Learning - Innovative Cloud-based Online Learning Platform
  • The company employs two cloud-based learning platforms to ensure that every employee has equal opportunities for growth through learning.

    • ‘PLANET e-Learning’ internal Platform: All online courses are developed and recorded by the company’s internal instructors.
    • ‘PLANET e-Academy’ external Platform: The external learning platform is used to broaden the scope of learning opportunities for our employees.
    • Mobile Learning: Our employees can easily access to online courses via their smartphones or tablets, anywhere, anytime.
    • Micro-learning: Our employees can flexibly engage in learning by efficiently making use of spare time.
  • Guidance and Care for New Employee Onboarding
    • PLANET's New Employee Orientation: To help new colleagues quickly adapt to the company and understand the company’s operational processes, we provide comprehensive training during the first three months of their employment. This enables them to have a whole picture of working at PLANET, ensuring a smooth and well-informed transition into their new roles.
    • Phases Orientation on the first day of onboarding Orientation during the three months after onboarding
      Training Courses
      • Introduction of the company and environment
      • Introduction of corporate culture and core values
      • Overview of important policies and procedures
      • In-depth understanding of corporate culture
      • Company Products
      • Company policies and procedures
      • Job SOPs and procedures
    • Mentorship Program of Newcomer: PLANET Technology has built a team of 'Mentorship Volunteers' to assist new hires in acclimating to the company's environment, embracing its culture, and fostering relationships with their teams. By implementing this program, we not only enhance team collaboration but also strengthen employee engagement with our company culture.

    The implementation of the new employee orientation and mentor program has effectively helped new team members quickly understand and adapt to our company culture, resulting in improved employee retention. In 2022, the retention rate for new employees reached 71.9%, which marks a significant increase of 21.9% compared with 2021.

  • Diverse Listening and Employee Communication
  • PLANET is built on a culture of shared prosperity and collaboration, encouraging our colleagues to speak up their ideas and suggestions. Multiple channels have been provided to employees to facilitate easy expression of opinions, promoting continuous growth and improvement in the company.

    • Employee-exclusive Opinion Mailbox
    • Opinion Mailbox Address
      Human Resources Department
      Independent Director
      Deputy Spokesperson
    • Various Communication Channels and Frequency
    • Employee Feedback Communication Channels Frequency
      Department Satisfaction Surveys Annually
      Training Satisfaction Surveys Annually
      Employee Opinion Surveys Annually
      Labor-Management Communication Meetings Quarterly
      Occupational Health and Safety Committee Meetings Quarterly
      Gender Equality Committee Meetings As needed
      Satisfaction Surveys for Various Events After each event
      Employee Care and Individual Meetings Immediate response
      Work Performance Reviews As needed
      Employee Welfare Committee As needed
      Professional Education and Training As needed
      Various Internal Meetings As needed
◾ People-centered Care - A Family-friendly Workplace

At PLANET, we offer a comprehensive range of benefits and employee support, along with diverse health and wellness initiatives. Our focus on safety culture ensures a secure and healthy work environment, where every team member is provided with friendly support and feels safe.

  • Compensation and Benefits
    • Labor health insurance, group Insurance.
    • Benefits superior to laws and regulations:
      Annual Employee Health Check conducted in the company instead of hospitals, Marriage Leave, Maternity Leave, Pregnancy Checkup and Paternity Leave, Parental Leave with Unpaid Option, Breastfeeding Breaks, Breastfeeding Room, Childcare Facilities, Flexible Work Hours for Parents of Children Under 3 Years Old, Natural Disaster Leave, Paid Volunteer Leave, and Paid Indigenous Leave.
    • Performance-related pay and bonus, birthday bonus, holiday bonus, subsidy for wedding, funeral, childbirth, childcare allowance, children’s education or emergency use.
    • Employee group travel, family day, volunteer day, club, sport activities and Year-End Party.
    • Regulations governing employee retirement and savings packages.
  • Family Support Workplace
  • Provides comprehensive care and support for employees and their families, enabling a secure career and life development for our employees.

    • Programs to encourage childbirth and facilitate breastfeeding and nurseries
      • A pregnancy care pack, including many practical items, would be given to each pregnant employee for welcoming their new babies.
      • Transportation allowance for each pregnant employee by taking a taxi to and from work within the three months before the childbirth.
      • An employee (or employee’s spouse) who gives birth will receive a subsidy of NT$31,200 for each birth of a child.
      • A nursing room for female colleagues use during the work hours.
      • Contracted with a nursery school to provide exclusive nursery care service, including preferential registration fees and group pickup service.
    • Employee childcare allowance
    • To support employees with the financial demands of raising young children, we provide an annual Childcare Allowance of NT$20,000 per child aged from 0 to 6 years old. This program is designed to encourage our employees to feel secure and confident in starting and nurturing their families.
    • Education subsidies for employees’ children
    • In recognition of the long-term valuable contributions of our employees, we provide an annual education grant of NT$20,000 per child, from elementary school to university. This initiative aims to encourage our employees to prioritize their children's education and secure a nurturing environment for the future generations.
    • Flexible working hours
    • Plan of flexible working hours is offered to employees who need to cope with the changes in their life and environment, or to those who have needs for further education. These arrangements improve satisfaction among employees and their families by helping them balance the needs of work, life, study and family.
    • Remote Work Support
    • PLANET provides a remote work program for our colleagues and has set up a comprehensive remote work environment. This enables our team members to work remotely due to various needs, including work-related requirements, family caregiving, or changes in their place of residence.
    • Emergency assistance for employees
    • If an employee’s life is disrupted by a serious emergency that also impacts on their work, special emergency assistance packages are available to help alleviate the impact, and provide temporary protection of their livelihood so that the employee can focus on getting their work and life back in order.
    • Interest-free home loan for employees
    • Employees that have made a longstanding contribution may apply for an interest-free home loan on their down payment if they are buying their first home. Employees can then repay the loan over time based on their financial circumstances. The loan help employees settle down with their family and focus on their work.