Sustainable Employment

Environmental Safety and Health

In2023, PLANET has been certificated with the ISO 45001:2018 occupational safety and health management system. PLANET deeply understands that employees and suppliers are the most important assets for the sustainable development of the enterprise. PLANET continue to improve the safety and health condition in the process of its business operations and services to avoid unsafe actions, environment and equipment, thus to prevent occupational accidents and ensure the safety.

◾ A Green, Safe and Healthy Workplace

PLANET is committed to creating a better working environment for its employees. In addition to achieving its goal of carbon reduction and building a healthy, safe and green working environment, the company also considers the employees’ opinions and comprehensively improves the office facilities and equipment.

Project Name Specific Works
Lounge optimization Spacious bar area is provided with fashionable and comfortable bar stools. Brand new household appliances, such as microwave oven, baking oven, dishwasher, etc. are also provided. Employees can enjoy beautiful paintings and music in a relaxing and pleasant environment.
Fire safety improvement The office areas are fully equipped with fire-proof material wallpaper, which gives the office areas a new look and enhances fire safety.
Office space optimization The offices are equipped with new dividing screens, which create a quiet and privacy-protected environment for employees.
Ergonomic office Chair The offices are fully equipped with new office chairs. These are office chairs with breathable mesh material, adjustable seat and ergonomic design, which can bring employees a comfortable and healthy office experience.
Green and energy-saving office environment 1. The ceiling of the office areas is fully equipped with ceiling boards that has green building material certification and fire safety labels, which create an environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, safe and fireproof office environment.
2. The office areas are completely equipped with LED lamps, which are mild and energy-saving lighting equipment and can protect employees' eyes, save energy and reduce carbon.
Air quality improvement Air conditioning vents have been replaced to provide clean and fresh air for employees.

◾ Statistics on Occupational Accidents

PLANET has been committed to reducing workplace injuries. PLANET has achieved zero occupational accident and zero job-related disease among its employees and contractors for seven consecutive years.

In 2022, PLANET was issued with the “Certificate for Accident-free Work Hours” by the Ministry of Labor, Executive Yuan, which was an acknowledgment to PLANET’s efforts to pursue the goal of zero occupational accident.

PLANET has formulated the "Occupational Safety and Health Contractors and Outsourcers Management Measures" to implement the occupational safety and health regulations and maintain the safety and health of the company's employees, contractors/outsourced workers and equipment.

◾ COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention

PLANET has developed procedures and measures to cope with the ever-changing epidemic with a corporate management model.

Procedures and Measures Remark
"Epidemic Prevention Manual" Providing staff with epidemic prevention information and related resources
“Emergency Response Plan for COVID-19” Establishing emergency response levels and response measures
“Business Continuity Plan for COVID-19 Epidemic Period” Regular reviewing and constant adjusting epidemic prevention measures to ensure normal operation of the company
Health Promotion and Management
◾ On-site healthcare services

PLANET launched the“On-site health care service”, where health consultation is provided by professional nurses and physicians. Based on the analysis of health examination data, employee risk group management measures are established, and health education and referral services are provided. In addition, the company provides blood pressure monitor and regularly promotes health activities and services such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) consultations through e-newsletters and health lectures to enhance health culture of the company.

◾ [Health 360] Comprehensive care plan for employees' physical and mental health

PLANET cooperated with Taipei Tzu Chi Hospital to help employees and their families maintain their health through the comprehensive health management model of "Prevention", "Maintenance" and "Consultation".

【Exercise for Relaxation during Working Hours】

Every week, PLANET arranges for professional coaches to bring relaxing exercises to its employees, in which employees relax their body with accompanied music.

【Consultation and Lectures】

Physical therapy consultation, traditional Chinese medicine consultation, and health seminars.

【Health Activities】

Jogging, mountain climbing and hiking.


Every two weeks, professional masseuses provide massage services.