Sustainable Innovations

PLANET’s Sustainable Innovation Goals

The purpose of PLANET’s sustainable innovation is to provide sustainable products and solutions to cope with global challenges through innovation and technological advancement, thus reducing negative impacts on the natural environment and enhancing social and economic development. The company has been actively investing in innovative research and development, constantly improving energy-saving and renewable energy technology, and sparing no effort in reducing the negative impact of products on the environment, with the aim to achieve sustainable product innovation and market competitiveness and to consolidate PLANET’s leading position in the network communication industry.

The company has set short-, medium- and long-term goals. In the short term, green energy R&D will be integrated into the DNA of its research and development. In the medium term, the company will fully implement carbon reduction design in the production, packaging, and transportation. In the long run, the company will strive to achieve a green circular economy that consists of optimized usage efficiency, reduction of energy consumption and energy renewal.

PLANET has been actively engaged in innovative research and development of network communication products and technologies, and provides a complete range of high-standard, high-quality and high value-added network communication products and solutions. The company’s main products include intelligent central network management platform, switches, industrial network equipment, automated control equipment, Power over Ethernet (PoE) products, fiber-optics, broadband networks, network surveillance equipment, VoIP equipment, network security equipment, wireless network, home automation networks, etc. PLANET’s product research and development is increasingly directed at high-standard network technologies. At the same time, we are highly concerned about the global climate change and committed to developing green energy products. PLANET, fulfilling its sustainability commitments, attaches equal importance to scientific and technological innovation and environmental protection.

To better implement its policy of green products development, PLANET has established the “Green-energy Products Development Policy”, which requires strict compliance with environmental requirements at all stages, including R&D, product design, material procurement, production, transportation, product use and recycling and reuse.

Green Products and Innovative Research & Development

PLANET constantly develops advanced technologies to consolidate the company’s leading position in the network communication industry. In 2022, the company obtained two new patents, "Network device permission management system" and “Heat dissipation case for flat device”.

PoE switches configured for reboot to reduce devices from crashing
• Patent 1: Network device permission management system

Network device permission management system is designed to solve the problem that the information in network device management cannot be synchronized immediately. Through this APP patent, the real-time information of the control device can be timely synchronized to the relevant personnel for instant communication.

PoE switches provide alert if abnormal activities are detected
• Patent 2: Heat dissipation case for flat devic

Flat industrial-grade switches have always been PLANET’s unique products. This heat dissipation patent maintains the flat design of equipment, which does not take up space, and can improve the heat dissipation efficiency by more than 20%, so that the equipment can be built in a more stringent environment. Meanwhile, the patent can make the company’s products more diversified and create more product advantages for PLANET.

PLANET Technology, a leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions, is honored to receive the 2023 Taiwan Excellence Award for three innovative products, making this the 20th consecutive year of PLANET being acknowledged for its extensive intelligent networking experience to produce innovative products and pursue environmental sustainability.

PLANET Wins "Taiwan Excellence Award" for 20 Consecutive Years

  • Universal Network Management Central Controller (UNC-NMS)
  • LoRa AIoT Network Solution
  • Industrial 10G SFP+ Managed Fiber Switch (IGS-6325-5XIT)
Green Product Development

With its emphasis on the R&D of eco-friendly product design, PLANET set standards to developing products with “Green” design in the product live-cycle, from technical development, sourcing, manufacturing, product use, transporting and recycling. PLANET is actively engaged in innovative research and development, and constantly develops advanced technologies to consolidate its leading position in the network communications industry.

Development of Renewable Energy Network Products

Being a global leader in the network communication industry, PLANET has complete energy-saving management technology of Ethernet power supply networks. The company is the first brand in Taiwan to integrate renewable energy and Ethernet transmission technology, which can greatly improve the efficiency of network power transmission and smart power-saving management, optimize energy use and reduce the use of network consumables so that the construction of the network is not restricted by the region, thus speeding up the application of the Internet of Things (IoT) and IIoT (Industrial IoT).

The company's products, including solar Ethernet power supply system, solar Power over Ethernet switch, industrial-grade Power over Ethernet switch, intelligent energy-saving 360-watt high power PoE switch, Intelligent Renewable Management Platform and other equipment, have won the “Taiwan Excellence Award” for innovation.

The renewable energy switch, newly modified in 2022, can increase the power supply from 300W to 400W, which can improve the power supply efficiency or power supply time by more than 30%. This product provides users with longer operating time and can be marketed to countries with shorter average sunshine time. It also supports different types of lithium-ion batteries, giving them an advantage in terms of battery life, weight and carbon footprint.

PLANET has developed a series of products, “renewable energy power supply network equipment", which innovatively integrates natural renewable energy power and intelligent network management, enabling independent network communication between metropolitan networks and remote areas without mains power, with advantages in both technological innovation and environmental sustainability. If, for example, NMS-360V, the intelligent network management controller powered by renewable energy, is used to manage renewable energy power supply network for ten years, a single unit of NMS-360V can manage up to 512 units of PLANET renewable Energy powered PoE network management switch BSP-360, saving 690,688 KWH of mains power per year, equal to 2.486 x 1012 Joules of energy consumption per year. For a total of ten years, an NMS-360V unit will reduce a total of 3,515.7 metric tons of CO2e, equivalent to the carbon uptake of nearly 300,000 trees, which will not only reduce carbon emissions from network construction, but also contribute to climate change mitigation and environmental sustainability.

Industrial Network Equipment

IEC 62443-4-1 Product Security Development Management System Certification

In 2022, PLANET obtained IEC 62443-4-1 Product Safety Development System certification. The company has been committed to protecting industrial network information security and continuously improving the security of industrial network products. It has passed the audit conducted by TUV NORD, a third-party international certification organization, and has obtained the certification for IEC 62443-4-1 Product Security Development Management System. This proves that PLANET has integrated information security standards and design into the full life cycle of its products beginning with industrial network product development, to improve information security protection for OT (Operational Technology) network equipment.

Honors and Awards

PLANET's “Industrial 5G NR IoT Gateway” won the “2022 Best Choice Award - Golden Award”. The "Industrial 5G NR IoT Gateway ICG-2515W-NR" developed by PLANET is innovatively designed for high-speed transmission and enhanced information security of 5G private networks in industrial environments. Following the obtainment of “2022 Taiwan Excellence Award”, ICG-2515W-N received the “2022 Best Choice Award - Golden Award”, the official award of COMPUTEX, in 2022, which, once again, demonstrated the industry’s recognition to PLANET’s network communication products and technology.

Regular Reviews

PLANET holds regular management review meetings to review the performance of its green products and the achievement of its goals for R&D innovation.

According to the data, the actual achievement from 2019 to 2021 exceeded the originally-established annual goals, so the goals were adjusted in 2022.

  • The annual goal for PoE products with non-peak hour power-saving design (Models with network management capability) was raised from 60% to 80%.
  • The annual goal for new products with environmentally friendly packaging was adjusted from 30 items to more than 80%.

In 2022, there were a total of 14 PoE product with non-peak hour power-saving design, indicating a 100% adoption rate, which achieved the target for adoption of power-saving design in PoE products.

In 2022, a total of 83 newly-developed and modified product items, among which 82 items were packaged in environmentally friendly boxes, indicating a 98.8% adoption rate.

Year 2020 2021 2022
PoE products with non-peak hour power-saving design (Models with network management capability) 100% 100% 100%
Target 60% 60% 80%
New products with environmentally-friendly packaging 110 88 98.8%
Target 30 30 80%