Building ITS Infrastructure with our Robust Network Transmission Solution

High Availability network devices are designed to be waterproof, dustproof and vibration proof as well as provide ultra-high bandwidth transmission for demanding ITS networks

High Availability

Network devices are designed to be waterproof, dustproof and vibration proof as well as provide ultra-high bandwidth transmission for demanding ITS networks

Intelligent Network Management allows for efficient management of big data analysis for traffic optimization and safety of the transportation system

Intelligent Network Management

Efficiently manage big data analysis for traffic optimization and safety of the transportation system

Meeting ITS Certifications standards with IEC 62443-4-1, EN50155, EN50121-4 and EN6100-6-2/-4

Meet ITS Certifications

Meeting the IEC 62443-4-1, EN50155, EN50121-4 and EN6100-6-2/-4 standards

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are an integral part of the rise of smart city developments as they provide a way for the urban environment to improve transportation operation, safety and security. As part of the IoT infrastructure, ITS enables cities to utilize advanced technologies to help alleviate common obstacles such as traffic congestion, implementing the best routes for public transportation or even decreasing pollution from vehicles.

Challenges of implementing a network solution for Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
What Network Feature is Needed for ITS
  • Fast recovery: Ensuring the network can resume operation quickly when a disconnection occurs
  • Robust cybersecurity: Prevent hackers or threats from disrupting the network of ITS and smart city
  • Network management: Able to monitor the entire network efficiently in order to provide fast response to alerts or other critical situations
What is the Solution?

Designed for transportation network and rolling stock applications with uninterrupted operation and trustable network transmission, PLANET Intelligent Transportation System Solution is compliant with various advanced features, such as 10Gbps SFP, Modbus, ERPS Ring, cybersecurity and ITS certifications EN50155 and E-Mark to meet all the transmission needs, be it information, control or device.

PLANET Industrial Ethernet product portfolio, including 95W 802.3bt Industrial Power over Ethernet, Industrial Cellular Gateway, LoRa AIoT and Renewable Energy Network Solution, provides complete networking technologies to meet the metropolitan and rural communication network applications.

Meeting the Standards for ITS Solution
To further ensure the safety and stability of the ITS network, PLANET products meet many of the transportation network standards required for railways, vehicles, industrial EMC, etc.

How Will the Solutions Be Implemented?
◆ ITS Solution for Public Transportation

PLANET’s wireless gateways and wall-mount switches can be efficiently implemented to provide high-bandwidth 5G NR and Wi-Fi signals for public transits.

How is safety improved in ITS for public transportation?
The remote control center utilizes cellular signals with the FWA-2100-NR to receive real-time status of the vehicle as well as traffic information.

How can ITS enhance passenger’s experience?
Enabling ITS technology also means providing a smooth experience for the passengers. The Flat-type PoE Switch (WGS-5225-8UP2SV) can simultaneously power the 5G NR Wireless Gateway (ICG-2515FW-NR) to provide Wi-Fi service and up-to-date information on the bus for those waiting at the station while also powering the surveillance camera for security.

Implementing wireless cellular and Wi-Fi network solution for Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)
◆ ITS Solution for Railways

Designed to meet the requirement of network transmission in harsh environment, PLANET products for ITS, receiving certification standards for railway network, are able to operate in the harsh conditions of moving vehicles while providing high-bandwidth transmission to ensure efficient network connection on-board and remotely.

A complete Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) network for railways to enable efficient and safe operation

How do network devices operate with heavy vibration from the train movements?
The EN50155 certified IP67 M12 PoE Switch (IGS-5227X-4P2T) is specially designed to be vibration-proof so the connection won’t be affected by the movement of the locomotive. This ensures on-train devices such as cameras, voice emergency communication or on-board information displays will operate normally without disconnection.

How can the admin monitor and manage the safety of the railway system?
The remote control center can be equipped with PLANET’s multi-port high-bandwidth PoE switches to quickly transmit and receive essential data from devices such as surveillance cameras and sensors. The Industrial LoRaWAN Gateway (LCG-300-NR) can reach information over a long distance from LoRa sensors on the railway system which detects abnormalities on the tracks, furthering the safety precaution the control center will need for the stable operation of the railway.

Besides the train, how can the station platform be enhanced?
By utilizing the PoE Managed Switch (IGS-6329-8UP2S4X) on the train station platform, it can connect to a multitude of devices such as IP PoE cameras for surveillance, and wireless access points (WDAP-3000AX) to provide Wi-Fi services for commuters or transmit data to serial device servers (ICS-2200T) for showing train information on the station display signage. The network can be centrally managed remotely by the control center.

Featured Products and Related Articles
◆ Mobility Communication

Industrial 5G NR Wireless Gateway
Enables high-bandwidth cellular and WiFi signals for demanding mobile applications and IoT deployments

Industrial 5G NR Compact Cellular Wireless Gateway
Compact design to easily provide 5G NR signal in narrow environments

◆ Harsh Environment Transmission

Industrial IP67 802.3at PoE Managed Switch
High level of immunity against electromagnetic interference and heavy electrical surges

Industrial M12 Flat-type Managed Switch
M12 ports while offers wire-speed throughput, shock and vibration proofing

◆ Wireless Networking

Dual Band 802.11ax 3000Mbps Outdoor AP
Provides high-speed wireless transmission in harsh outdoor environments

Industrial 5G NR Outdoor Unit (ODU) with 1-port Gigabit PoE PD
Advanced 5G NR and a unique dual-cellular WAN, deliver lightning-fast and stable network access in any environment

◆ Security and Emergency Communication

H.265 5 MP Smart IR Dome IP Camera
Delivers excellent picture quality in H.264(+)/H.265(+) 5 MP resolutions and 3 streaming capabilities

1080p SIP Vandalproof Door Phone with RFID and PoE
Secure VoIP and IP surveillance for environments requiring identification to proceed

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