What is LoRa?

LoRa (Long Range) is a low bit rate wireless signal that is able to transmit signals over long distances and consumes low energy. It can be utilized in a large network environment where high-speed transmission is not required.

LoRa wireless signal
Benefits of LoRa for AIoT Network

The LoRa wireless signal allows users to send data over extremely long ranges with low power consumption. This in turn greatly reduces the costs of deploying an AIoT network infrastructure while being able to manage multiple LoRa-based connections.

LoRa provides many benefits for an AIoT wireless network infrastructure
LoRa Vertical Usage

LoRa is highly flexible in that it can be used for large wireless network infrastructures including factories, smart cities, energy facilities and smart transportation.

LoRa wireless technology can be used in a variety of vertical environments
PLANET LoRa AIoT Communication Solution

The arrival of LoRa has opened up a new avenue for a large wireless AIoT network environment. It has certainly opened up opportunities for PLANET to develop gateways, node controllers and network management systems for building an AIoT Network environment.

PLANET LoRa AIoT Solution includes LoRa Node Controller, LoRaWAN Gateway and LoRa Network Management System

PLANET LoRa AIoT Solution incorporates LoRa technology to bridge LoRa wireless network to an IP network. The LN1130 LoRa Node Controller receives data from sensors and transfers the data to LCG-300(W) LoRaWAN Gateway over a distance of up to 10 km.

The gateway will then convert the data to be used in an IP network and managed by the LoRa Network Management System (NMS-LoRa). Up to 3,000 sensors can be managed and monitored by the NMS-LoRa, making the solution highly scalable. PLANET AIoT Solution can help you to promote the implementation of the AIoT network.

Build a wireless LoRa AIoT network with PLANET LoRa devices
Intuitive WebGUI

A complete WebGUI system from NMS-LoRa provides a comprehensive user-interface for monitoring and managing LoRa connected devices. Administrators can view the status of each device and its location while providing details on the data it receives. The UI will display alerts as well as send a message to administrators when the network needs attention.

WebGUI user interface to monitor and manage network and devices
LoRaWAN Compatibility

LoRaWAN is a low-power, wide-area networking protocol built on top of the LoRa radio modulation technique. LoRaWAN networks and devices such as sensors and gateway allow the public or private network to connect multiple applications such as IoT, M2M, smart city, sensor network, and industrial automation applications in the same space.

LoRaWAN architecture for AIoT network environment
More Benefits of PLANET LoRa AIoT Solution

Besides the many benefits of LoRa technology, the solution includes other features such as enhanced cybersecurity, weather protection and more.

Many benefits included in the AIoT Solution from PLANET
Built for Tough Environment
  • Rugged Metal Casing
    • » LoRaWAN Gateway and LoRa Node Controller
  • -45 to 75 degrees C
  • Remote and harsh locations
PLANET LoRa devices are built for tough environment and able to withstand wide-ranging temperatures
Defense Against Cyber Threats
  • Cybersecurity
  • SPI Firewall
  • Content Filtering
The LoRa AIoT solution includes secure cybersecurity with SPI firewall and content filtering
Connections for All Scenarios
MQTT Server
  • Ideal for remote IoT network devices and limited bandwidth
  • Low power usage
  • Ensures deliverability of data
Modbus TCP
  • Easily adapt with a variety of protocols
  • Efficiently connect to cloud servers
  • Compatible with many network devices
PLANET LoRa AIoT solution supports MQTT server and Modbus TCP
Increased Communication Protection
Full VPN server capability
  • IPSec
  • GRE
  • PPTP
  • L2TP
  • SSL
LoRa AIoT solution supports full VPC server that includes IPSec, GRE, PPTP, L2TP and SSL protocols
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