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2021-05-07 GS-4210-24PL4C 2.305b210419 [GS-4210-24PL4C]
1. Release for hardware version 2.0.
2. Fix PD Alive Check bug.
3. Added ERPS ring support.
4. Added enhanced cybersecurity support.
2021-05-06 GS-4210-24PL4C 2.305b201223 [GS-4210-24PL4C]
1. Release for hardware version 2.0.
2. Added LLDB MIB Function.
3. Added PoE compatibility with Dahua DH-SD60230U-HNI-SL PTZ Network Camera.
2020-09-11 GS-4210-24PL4C v2.305b200904 [Release for GS-4210-24PL4C hardware version 2.0]
Added PLANET CloudViewer app support
2015-01-16 GS-4210-24P4C / GS-4210-24PL4C 1.0b141218 Add function, release for GS-4210-24PL4C
2014-11-07 GS-4210-24P4C / GS-4210-24PL4C 1.0b141029 Initial release.
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