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2020-09-11 GS-4210-8P2S v2.305b200904 [Release for hardware version 2.0]
Added PLANET CloudViewer app support
2020-02-15 GS-4210-8P2S 1.0b190911 Bug Fixed - Fixed the security situation that is proposed by VDOO organization.
2018-01-05 GS-4210-8P2S 1.0b171116 Bug Fixed - Fixed PD Alive Check reboot time setting issue
2017-03-17 GS-4210-8P2S 1.0b161222 Bug Fixed - Fixed the " PoE Schedule " function issue.
2015-04-17 GS-4210-8P2S 1.0b150417 Initial Release
2014-10-03 GS-4210-8P2T2S 1.0b140924 Initial release.
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