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2021-02-20 IGS-20040MT 1.342c190603 Fixed ERPS issue after rebooting.
2021-02-20 IGS-20040MT 1.342b201021 Fixed 10Mbps link Pinout issue.
2021-02-20 IGS-20040MT 2.440b201021 1.Release for hardware version 2.0.
2.Fixed 10Mbps link Pinout issue.
2020-08-21 IGS-20040MT 2.440b200817 [Release for hardware version 2.0]
1. Added PLANET CloudViewer app support.
2017-11-30 IGS-20040MT 1.342c171110 Bugs Fixed -
Fixed IGMP control packet that caused the Switch CPU to have 100% loading.
Function Added -
Added Monitoring SFP Transceiver DDM information from CLI.
2016-08-26 IGS-20040MT 1.342c160728 Bug Fixed - Fixed switch reboot after enabling Remote Syslog function.
Function Added - Added Modbus TCP.
2015-02-26 IGS-20040MT 1.342c150127 Bug Fixed - Fixed the hardware reset button that could not function properly at times.
2014-11-07 IGS-20040MT 1.340b141023 Bug Fixed - Fixed the console will show auto 1000 words repeatly.
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