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2023-11-17 IGS-6325-20T4C4X 1.440b231030 1. Added a new address of Modbus TCP for AC power information
2. Removed G8265.1 and G8275.1 profile of PTP function
3. Supports Virtual Panel on NMS series
4. Updated ERPS Ring patch
2021-01-08 IGS-6325-20T4C4X 1.440b201225 Supports PLANET CloudViewer App and NMS controller.
2020-09-04 IGS-6325-20T4C4X 1.440b200814 Added port 25 to port 28 that support an operating speed of 2.5G.
2018-11-13 IGS-6325-20T4C4X 1.440181022 Improvements: Change the default setting of IGMP snooping/IGMP Snooping VLAN/MLD Snooping/MLD Snooping VLAN functions to disable.
2018-08-30 IGS-6325-20T4C4X 1.440180823 Initial Release
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