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2021-07-09 GS-4210-48P4S 2.305b210629 [Release for hardware version 2.0]
Function added -
(1) Added ERPS ring support.
(2) Added enhanced cybersecurity support.
(3) Added PLANET CloudViewer app support.
2020-12-18 GS-4210-48P4S 2.305b201202 [Release for hardware version 2.0]
1. Added PLANET NMS Controller support.
2. Web user interface format changed.
3. Supports Cyber security (SSHv2 and TLS v1.2)
4. Added PoE Extended mode support
5. Added SNMP PoE MIB support
6. Added SNMP LLDP MIB support
2018-03-02 GS-4210-48P4S 2.0b180207 1.Release for hardware version 2.0.
2.Bugs Fixed:
(1)Fixed the PoE Usage Bar counter that did not match with actual usage
(2)Fixed PD Alive Check that did not send log
2018-02-01 GS-4210-48P4S 2.0b180102 Release for hardware version 2.0.
2016-09-10 GS-4210-48P4S 1.0b160705 Bug Fixed - Fixed MLD Router Setting issue.
Function Added - Allow the Hostname to add decimal point.
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