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2021-05-07 IGS-801M 2.305b210419 [Release for hardware version 2.0.]
1. Added ERPS ring support.
2. Added enhanced cybersecurity support.
2021-01-08 IGS-801M 2.305b201225 [Release for hardware version 2.0]
1.Supports PLANET CloudViewer app and NMS controller
2.Supports SNMP LLDP MIB
3.Supports Cybersecurity
2016-10-14 IGS-801M 2.0b161007 For Hardware version 2 only.
Added SNMP for allowing to detect Power1, 2 and Fault. (Needs to use PLANET Private MIB)
2016-09-14 IGS-801M 2.0b160307 For Hardware version 2 only.
Function Added: Fault Alarm Feature.
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