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2022-02-09 IVR-100 1.2102b220209 support SD-WAN
2021-02-03 IVR-100 1.1907b210122 * New:
1. Added Captive Portal
2. Added RADIUS server/client
3. Support to change http/https port
4. Added NAT ALGs setting
5. Added Multi-subnet feature
6. Added IPv6 for LAN

* Improvements:
Enhance OpenSSL certificate compatibility.
2020-03-26 IVR-100 1.1907b200326 * New:
1. PPTP/L2TP/OpenVPN Client.
2. UPnP function.
3. OSPF function.
4. Added PPPoE, VLAN, QoS, Remote Syslog, IGMP, and trace functions.

* Fixes:
1. Fixed SSL VPN status and issue.
2. Fixed DHCP Domain length limit.
3. Dual WAN online status on Dashboard page.

* Improvements:
1. Web Filter function supports FQDN to block HTTPs website.
2. VPN AES hardware acceleration.
3. Enhanced firewall and upgraded configuration or firmware from USB storage, event log, statistics, and DHCP functions.
4. Improved the Wizard to enhance the security level.
2019-12-06 IVR-100 1.1907b191203 Initial release.
2009-07-09 IPX-1900 1.16.6 1.Add option to close the IVR prompt when extension is unavailable
2.Extend the Call Detail Records to 1000
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