PLANET Technology ranked the first in [2011 Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility] under medium-sized enterprises

PLANET Technology was awarded the 2011 Corporate Citizen Award under the "Medium-Sized Company" by the CommonWealth Magazine. This top recognition was awarded for Planet's most well-rounded CSR Program, built on the basis of Corporate Governance, Corporate Commitment, Social Participation and Environmental Protection. PLANET Technology has been successfully marketing its own brand product in the world and continuing its effort in CSR. It has consecutively received the CSR award starting from 2007 and moved to the No. 1 place among 2000 publicly listed companies in Taiwan in 2011 from No. 4 last year by demonstrating its outstanding leadership in executing its CSR initiatives.

On Corporate Governance, PLANET emphasized corporate integrity through utmost transparency. Through years of dedication, Planet passed the "Corporate Governance Certification" and was ranked on top in "Information Disclosure". It also initiated and issued the 2010 Corporate Social Responsibility Report, completing the many CSR milestones during 2008-2010.

On Social Participation, PLANET has long been devoted in its Educational Program for Disadvantaged Children. By applying its core corporate capabilities and offering a system of resource integration, it has developed an institutionalized "Standard of Procedure" for evaluating the effectiveness of the program in order to find ways of improvements, to be involved more deeply in different social issues and to drive long-term impact. It has scored the highest on Social Participation among medium-sized corporates based on its systematic approach to achieving CSR.

On Environmental Protection, PLANET is dedicated in "Green" product Research and Development. Together with its employees, PLANET promoted the idea of saving energy and reducing carbon emission in order to protect our environment such that the company as a whole fulfills the responsibility to create a more "green" and healthy earth.

On Corporate Commitment, PLANET initiated the theme of "2010 Green Healthy Year" to promote various programs and activities related to contributing to environmental protection, living a better lifestyle, maintaining a happy state of mindKetc. Its employees showed great enthusiasm in these sessions. Though such effort, PLANET was able to develop its very valuable internal CSR culture.

CSR has always been one of the core values of PLANET. In the past 18 years, PLANET has recorded consistent profit and at the same time developed a culture of proper corporate governance. PLANET has been enhancing shareholders' rights and maintaining superior financial performance and operation in order to pursue a long-standing corporate brand value.

(Source: CommonWealth Magazine)

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