PLANET Technology to Return to 2022 ISC West Physical Exhibition to Showcase 5G and AIoT Network Solutions

PLANET Technology, the leading brand in advanced network transmission, will be participating in the 2022 ISC West in the U.S. showcasing 5G AIoT information security network management and smart security monitoring network infrastructure solutions. PLANET attended ISC West online event last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. For this year, we will be taking part in the physical event and taking this opportunity to meet with many industry professionals.

(Date: March 23-25 at the Venetian Expo, Las Vegas, Nevada. Booth No. 23001)

Embracing the trend of secure network transmission and information security protection, PLANET will showcase innovative 5G NR IoT network security products, such as integration of the latest 5G NR and Wi-Fi 6 high-speed wireless transmission, industrial-grade SSL/IPSec VPN, strong network security solution and products that have been recognized by the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award. PLANET will also be releasing a brand-new enterprise-level VPN router series with SD-WAN design, built-in high-efficiency cloud management, and strengthening the information security and central management flexibility for monitoring the network.

With the varied developments of secure smart applications, there has been an increase in the demand for high bandwidth and high flexibility for digital infrastructure. To meet this demand, PLANET will exhibit the latest 802.3bt PoE++ 95W L3 managed switch series at ISC West. The featured models include EMC-certified industrial managed Ethernet switches and multigigabit PoE network switches, patented flat-type touch LCD PoE switches and more. These devices feature 2.5Gbps and 10Gbps data rates and cybersecurity functions to enable fast and secure transmission of ultra HD images from high power cameras suitable for establishing advanced network infrastructures of smart cities, enterprises, smart transportation and automated factories. At the same time, PLANET will also showcase the IoT-enabled LoRaWAN devices, which are able to receive and collect data from multiple nodes while providing efficiency for big data analysis of AIoT and security monitoring applications.

PLANET’s intelligent network management system solution and cloud-based management, CloudViewer App, efficiently and centrally manage a large number of network devices. This includes PLANET's ONVIF network management switches and AI cameras specially designed for security monitoring. Network administrators can remotely check the operating status and PoE power supply for various types of network equipment in the environment which greatly improves network management efficiency.

PLANET will exhibit innovative renewable energy network management product series, which uses solar energy or other types of renewable energy to supply power and converts it into PoE network power. This will allow outdoor and remote areas to effectively achieve independent safety monitoring networks and remote communication applications. It also enhances the flexibility of green energy network management. The goal is for network communication systems to save energy and reduce carbon emissions while improving environmental sustainability.

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