PLANET Wins the “2023 Family Friendly Workplace Award” for the First Time

PLANET Technology, a global leading provider of IP-based networking products, has won its first “2023 Family Friendly Workplace Award” held by the CommonWealth Parenting Magazine, standing out among more than 200 Taiwanese companies in the industry. Setting a standard for family-friendly measures along with cultivating sustainable development of talents among its employees has always been a major value for PLANET.

“Family Friendly Workplace Award” is organized by the CommonWealth Parenting Magazine for the first time this year to honor the best family-friendly companies in Taiwan, by assessing companies across four key dimensions: "Organizational Culture and Corporate Commitment", "Measures Catering to Parental Needs", "Uniqueness and Innovation" and "Performance Indicators." The award is a response to the demographic challenges that are impacting Taiwan's industries due to declining birth rates which seek to showcase exemplary companies that prioritize family-friendliness, enabling families to play a crucial role in supporting the workforce of these enterprises.

In the 30 years since its establishment in 1993, PLANET has always held the value of “altruism, mutual benefit, innovation and sustainability”. Creating a happy and healthy workplace to cultivate sustainable talents and encourage employees to develop their careers with peace of mind.

The dedication and investment can further be understood through the judge’s comments: “PLANET’s generosity is not only limited to its abundance of subsidies for employees including maternity, childcare and taxi fare subsidies for employees who are pregnant but also values the importance of equal rights among employees. PLANET has created a progressive culture, the number of female staff holding middle and senior-level management positions has increased each year while the gender ratio among staff has remained largely the same.”

Family-friendly and Healthy Workplace
For employees with children, PLANET provides subsidies and benefits, ranging from pregnancy and childbirth to education, ensuring the health of the employees and their families are taken care of. Staff members receive maternity leave, paternity leave and paternity check-up leaves that are beyond the requirements set by the law as well as flexible parental leave. PLANET also subsidizes taxi fares of up to NT $15,000 per month for staff who are pregnant, further demonstrating the company’s determination to create a friendly workplace.

PLANET implements health measures to prevent occupational disease and enhance employee health by conducting annual health check-ups in the company and quarterly health consultations on Chinese and Western medicine and physical therapy to maintain the overall health of employees. These continuous efforts have earned PLANET many awards and government recognitions including the Sports Enterprise Certification, Accredited Healthy Workplace, and the Taiwan Mittelstand for Workplace Friendliness.

Equal Talent Cultivation and Development
For many years, PLANET has placed much importance on talent training by providing development plans for employees at various career stages. Adopting cloud-based learning platforms and various digital tools to enhance employee training and establish an effective learning environment and culture fosters continuous skill development and a culture of innovation.

Women at PLANET develop their careers without any concerns about working hours and get considerable support for childbirth and children's education. This helps to eliminate the gender development gap by providing equal opportunities to both genders in recruitment, training or performance evaluation. In the last three years, female employees have accounted for more than 50% of the company. At the same time, valuing equal rights in promotion, the number of females holding mid to senior management positions has increased yearly in the company. In 2022, the percentage of female supervisors reached 52.3% maintaining a balanced ratio between male and female supervisors.

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