PLANET Technology Won its First “Linking ASSET Corporate Humanities Award – Community Support Outstanding Achievement Award"

PLANET Technology, a global leading provider of IP-based networking products, has won its first "Linking ASSET Corporate Humanities Award - Community Support Outstanding Achievement Award" for its long-term 20-year commitment to caring and bringing professional counselors to help disadvantaged students.

The “Linking ASSET Corporate Humanities Award” selects corporate enterprises that invest in improving and bringing sustainable social work to society. The award is established together by Linking Publishing and the Association of Sustainable Social Enterprise of Taiwan (ASSET) and focuses on the softer, yet crucial aspects of businesses, including their dedication to social well-being and equity. It also highlights the enterprise's contribution to social progress and responsibility, extending beyond its professional areas and functionality. It encourages more companies to undertake more significant and impactful actions toward enhancing societal, and environmental well-being, and sustainability.

Continuous investment from PLANET in growing the company in the last 30 years has also placed great emphasis on long-term cultivation and dedication to promoting social engagement projects.

The "PLANET Educational Charitable Trust" has focused on improving education for disadvantaged students for the past 20 years through the “Disadvantaged Children Remedial Education/Psychological Counseling/Diversified Learning” project which continues to this day.

For 20 years, PLANET has helped disadvantaged children regain motivation in learning and self-confidence while developing customized remedial programs to assist them in getting back on track. With the program, PLANET also hopes to bring in more professional counselors to help the children.

PLANET is committed to continuing to help disadvantaged children and bring a positive and lasting impact for many more years to come.

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