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2021-04-29 IGS-5225-8T2S2X 3.440b201203 1. Release for hardware version 3.0.
2. Supports PLANET CloudViewer App.
3. Added support for Remote Management function.
- PLANET CloudViewer Server-Internet.
- NMS Controller.
2021-01-08 IGS-5225-8T2S2X 3.440b201203 [Release for hardware version 3.0]
Supports PLANET CloudViewer App and NMS controller.
2020-09-04 IGS-5225-8T2S2X 3.440b200805 [Release for hardware version 3.0]
Added port 9 to port 12 that support an operating speed of 2.5G.
2018-02-01 IGS-5225-8T2S2X 1.366180103 *for H/W 1.0 only.
Bug Fixed - Fixed port statistics web page that shows Packet Loss issue.
Functions Added - Added System Time Correction Manually to NTP Configuration.
2017-02-15 IGS-5225-8T2S2X 1.3651170202 Initial release.
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