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2023-06-02 WDAP-W1800AXU 1.2102b230519 1. Added support for CloudViewerPro app
2. Modified the default connection mode of AP to be DHCP
3. Added feature to control the LED status
2022-07-22 WAPC-500 1.0b220523 AP controller support for WDAP-750E, WDAP-C1800AX and WDAP-W1800AXU.
2022-05-20 VR-300P 1.2102b220329 AP controller support : IAP-1800AX, IAP-2400AX,WDAP-W1800AXU
2022-05-18 VR-300 1.2102b220422 AP controller support : IAP-1800AX, IAP-2400AX, WDAP-W1800AXU.
2022-04-29 NMS-500 1.0b220412 AP controller support: IAP-1800AX, IAP-2400AX, WDAP-W1800AXU. WDAP-C1800AX, WDAP-1800AX.
2022-04-22 WS-1032P 1.2103b220407 AP controller support: IAP-1800AX, IAP-2400AX, and WDAP-W1800AXU.
2022-04-22 WS-2864PVR 1.440b220407 AP controller support: IAP-1800AX, IAP-2400AX and WDAP-W1800AXU.
2022-04-08 WDAP-W1800AXU 1.2102b220329 Initial release.
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